Kachhi Ghani Mustard Oil - Double Ghani Brand


Quality has always been at the heart of company’s performance. We treat quality & health as a way of life. The years of rich experience of our directors has helped in superior procurement and trading skills, continuous innovation, an endeavour to meet consumer requirements and stringent quality control standards have enabled “DOUBLE GHANI AGMARK GRADE-1” to emerge as a highly respected and admired brand among other Mustard oil brands in INDIA (ie. West Bengal, Bihar, Assam).

Quality, health and customer satisfaction with competitive price are the foundations of our business.We are always customer focused which builds trust, confidence and loyalty. We will deliver what the customer needs in terms of value, quality satisfaction and value for the money. Our edible oil brands DOUBLE GHANI AGMARK GRADE-1 maximum acceptability and acclaim as a premium brand by the consumers.

Quality is at the forefront of our work process, something that dictates every activity performed. Our commitment to quality is unflinching our hunger for growth. Ancient manufacturing techniques and regular quality control ensures that customer gets full satisfaction for his money. We offer an excellent waste service collection and pay the best prices in the area for your waste cooking oil. We still remain independent enough to provide the best local service in the East India. Try us and find out.

Our Mission: An unceasing effort to deliver trustable value to consumers, through better product quality for better health. To reach every kitchen of Indian family by delivering best quality oil with delicious taste. To develop most preferred and admired edible oil brands in India.

Message ! Being a leader in our field, we nurture a goal of setting high standards of conduct towards our customer and country..