Kachhi Ghani Mustard Oil - Double Ghani Brand


SINGHAL BUILDERS has a people's centric approach at its core, designing and delivering lifestyles with passion, precision and unmatched quality.

Professional quality: A driving force to be on par with global standards, to implement green technology for enhanced living, pursue the highest standards and adhere to safety, quality and integrity in its essence.

Passion: The drive to do better, explore more possibilities and add potential in all its perspective is a direct benefit of our passion towards our work.

Pride of ownership: This is a potent value addition of customized approach with 'you' at the core of all activities; to inculcate a sense of pride in ownership.

People centric: To create positive living spaces at affordable prizes which gives value form money - impacting community living positively and developing business environments apt for involved people's progress in its spirit.

Contact Person :

Mr. Kapoor Chand Singhal (Chairman)
L.L.B. Rajasthan University
Ph. :

Girish Kumar Singhal
L.L.B. Rajasthan University
Ph. : +91 9414023819